Hunting Eastern Montana

Hunting out in the big wide open is some fun stuff. Eastern Montana has some awesome deer habitat! We are fortunate to Lease some great ranches that have the habitat and genetics. We try and do our part by harvesting old deer and on occasion we take out the ones with dad genetics. Big mule deer are in high demand. With too many people and not enough area or tags for everyone this deer thing is popular! All that said, Good deer are where you find them.

We think we have found some good genetics, we also have the room to roam. Another part of the puzzle is feed, in our area we have large grain crops. Eastern Montana is as dry as most deserts, crops can help supplement what the deer are missing on the natural rang. The deer in our area get some mass when they get some age. I have no doubt the crops help with the mass. Age is always a factor as well.

As far as actual hunting, we like to be very cautious. The old buck that gets scared is no good to anyone but maybe the ranch next door. We like to glass from a distance than make a plan that will work. A lot of our hunters only have one or two good stalks in them anyway. The smart play is to use caution!

In Montana we are fortunate to be able to hunt the rut. Most states don’t allow rifle hunts during this time, if they do, the tags take many years to draw. The rut is a huge advantage when it comes to hunting old bucks! The big ones are up and on their feet more during day light hours. You should probably come out and hunt with us to get the full experience of hunting Eastern Montana.

Lindsey Channel
Lindsey Channel
Guide | Montana Outfitter #7886

Lindsey started guiding professionally in 1989. After guiding 10 years for some of Alaska’s finest lodges, he formed Channel Outfitters of Montana. He has over 3,000 days guiding fly fishermen and hundreds of days guiding hunters.