Fishing For The Big Ones

The title says it all. I like to try for the really big fish! If I have a day off, I fish with like minded buddy’s who know how to row. If I can’t throw dry’s because of high or off color water I love to throw the streamers. The fishing so far this season has been inconsistent. Rain storms at the wrong time are the biggest problem at the moment. Most of Montana’s rivers are still high do to run-off.

If you are a patient angler high flowing rivers still have rewards. I was out yesterday day with long time outfitter Dave Brown for a fun run. We had a amazing adventure! We started throwing streamers early on and soon realized if was going to be a good one. After catching numerous small to medium sized fish we at least had hope for a big trout.

After many miles of casting streamers with some accuracy to the bank something happened. I noticed a small spring creek dumping into the river. The water was clearer than the water we where on. Naturally I casted into that clear water, after about five strips I got a grab! I missed him but seen what looked to be a Big Brown! I pitched one back up in there and a bigger one rose up and ate my streamer near the surface. We could both tell he was huge! Big battle and then he was way bigger than the net, a good problem. My dreams are now reality.

Lindsey Channel
Lindsey Channel
Guide | Montana Outfitter #7886

Lindsey started guiding professionally in 1989. After guiding 10 years for some of Alaska’s finest lodges, he formed Channel Outfitters of Montana. He has over 3,000 days guiding fly fishermen and hundreds of days guiding hunters.