Mighty Slow

Mighty Slow

Instead of the mighty mo it might be called the mighty slow. Many rivers hit a wall in August, the Missouri is no exception. One thing that always holds true is that a few big ones will eat a hopper! The beautiful lady holding the fish above knows that patience is key in the hopper game. Good for you Peggy!

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Channel Outfitters Missouri River

The fishing is still pretty good. Nymph fishing is strong. Hopper fishing is good for those who can wait it out. Small dry’s are really not that good, you can find a few fish eating in the morning, after that it’s deadsville! The forecast is favorable in few days, cooler daytime temps and cold nights. The fish will dig it and so will you!

Mighty Mo

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Smooth sailing on the Mighty Mo this month. Not many anglers around. Still the mass amounts of moronic inner-tubers! Yes I said it, if you float the Missouri without fly fishing your a dumbass! Go to a lake to be loud and sink your beer cans! Anyhow, the fishing is good, the fish are in great shape. As the water temps hit the highest of the summer you should fight the fish quick and make sure they are upright as you release.

August Fishing Report

August Fishing Report

Some people say they dislike fishing in August! The water is warm, the hatches are gone, lots of weeds. I have always loved August, the crowds are gone, the fish are big. You might as well say it’s the time to catch big browns on hoppers, I just said it! The dog days are when the big ones fall to the foam. My new client Scott pictured above is a believer in the month of August. Scott says, why fish in the crowds when you can catch these with no one around? That’s what I’ve been saying!

Hopper fishing good on certain days.

Nymph fishing is stellar everyday.

Trico’s not so great.

Big Ones

Missouri River Guides

This is what a big Missouri River brown trout looks like. Got this big guys a few weeks back. We get the big ones on dry flies! It takes patience, skill, and a little luck. We will capture a few of these big ones in August. Do you have what it takes?

Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report

You missed the real good stuff, like fish rising all day to caddis and PMDs. That being said, fishing is still OK. Catching some big ones with the right kind of anglers. What are the right kind of anglers you ask? Guys who are patient and willing to throw the hopper all day regardless of how many bites, a rare breed indeed. For all others we have bobbers! plenty of action on the bobbers! Bring your sun screen and lets fish.

Big Ones

Missouri River Outfitters

The fishing is really hot! I would recommend you go before the weather gets really hot. Lots of hatches, lots of big browns! I always say, go early and often! The guy in the picture loves fishing the Missouri in May. You should make the trip!

Butterscotch Chronicles

Missouri River Fly Fishing

You might know by now, I like to fish! I like to throw myself or guiding people suits me just fine. I like to pursue “Big Gators! You know, the kind of fish you would expect in the ” Butterscotch Chronicles!

I’ve been trout bum in around since 1989, I got the habit bad! One thing that still really turns my crank is putting a over-weight slobs into my net. You know the kind of fish I’m talking about, Long and Fat! That’s the kind I angle for!

The happy angler pictured above is my father “RD Channel. He bought me my first fly rod. Dad is retired, now we go catch pigs together! Stay tuned my friends, May is a good month for Butterscotch.


Streamer Time

For me spring is the best time to throw streamers! I like to streamer fish when the water temps are in the mid forties. The big browns get active, and like to eat the big stuff. On the sunny days with calm conditions you can see the fish come and attack. I tie a lot of my streamers with small amounts of weight, this allows the fly to entice fish up from the bottom. People who only fish streamers deep are missing a really cool opportunity to see the fish attack. The visual game of streamer throwing is just as cool as a dry fly eat in my opinion. Let the games begin!