Fly Fishing Montana

I had the pleasure to guide a client of mine who loves to fish with his family. Pat has 3 children and has taken all 3 kids on fly-fishing trips to Montana. The most recent trip he brought out his youngest. Jack is only 8 years old but was well up to the task. I let Jack use a fly-rod designed for youth fly-fishers “Redington Minnow. The rod is awesome for younger and smaller anglers! We did half day trips in order to keep Jack’s attention up. All kids are different but Jack could have handled the full day trips.

On the first day Jack hooked and landed a couple. The next few days he just got better and so did the fishing. We had a lot of fun just making it a good time for a youngster. Pat did a nice job not to out fish young Jack, he even let Jack fight a few fish to keep the interest up. In the end, we have a new member of this thing we call “Fly-Fishing” and a father and son have the memories they won’t ever forget.

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