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This is the story of Colby’s big buck. The story starts last season when Colby first laid eyes on this deer. The deer was a tight basket rack with good mass and lots of points. Colby’s guide Aaron said no way “That deer is to young! Fast forward to the 2019 season, I was with my usual bow hunter Stevie Ray. We got within 90 yards of the big buck on his first day. I was impressed with the antler growth to say the least. That was as close as we were going to get with the bow hunter.
As The rifle season went on we only seen the big buck twice. He was smart and did not hang out where hunters could approach. Colby and his crew showed up on our third hunt, this would be his third hunt here. Aaron had a idea where biggy was hanging and set out to find him. The boys spotted the buck a few times during the hunt but time was running out. They devised a plan to sneak into the stadium where the big buck was rutting every doe in sight. The plan was a two mile walk to slip into the area without being seen by one of couple hundred head in the area.
The boys crawled into position for a evening hunt. The area was not easy, wide open sage flat between to grain fields. They found the big one rutting every doe around, they also found 3 other big bucks each rutting their own group of does. What a scene!
Colby was packing one of those fancy long range cannons. He could shoot 600 no problem. The problem was the deer would not stop moving, rutting does and chasing off young bucks. Aaron ranged the deer constantly 512, 490, 615 and finally 468. Colby was ready and the shot rang out. The big buck was proud and stayed on his feet. Colby let him have it again, down for good was the old buck. The boys had some work to do and a long walk in the dark. Colby shot the buck he wanted the year before. It was worth the wait!

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