In The Fall

In the fall I like to switch gears ever so often. I like the challenge of certain wild pursuits. I really like to fish and then put on the cammo and try for a mule deer with a bow hunter. The happy hunter in the photo who we call Stevie Ray just to protect the guilty. Steve Likes to fish for big browns with dry flies, so it would only be natural for him to want to capture a big Muley buck with his bow. Both require a person with self abusive qualities. I mean who wants to crawl through cactus and rattlesnakes only to get bust by the sharp senses of a Mule Deer time after time? Your looking at that guy right now! Once you try to fool one of these beasts on their turf with a bow you to will be hooked. Stevie Ray is hooked, he can’t stop! I can’t say that I blame him. After watching the arrow fly true and hitting the mark  at 47 yards it was dream come true for us both. Congrats Steve!